Ivan Ku

Founder & CEO of LEDGIT
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Ledgit consist of a team of technopreneurs who are very keen in the advancement of technology and to scale the various possibilities of solutions the technology can offer to the society.

Ledgit started as a blockchain enthusiast utilizing part of the blockchain tech or also known as the Smart Contracts Concept in order to create solutions iin the supply chain industry. As we go further into planning and execution, we are able to pinpoint some of the market niche involving the development of systems and technology, branding and marketing, research and education and so on, thus, we scale our services to the next level by providing multiple professional services such as development, education, digital marketing, consultation, incubator and so on, along with the enhancement of our very own technology of Ledgit.

Ledgit Ivan Ku
Ledgit Ivan Ku

Throughout the journey, we have dedicated ourselves to the development of technology specifically in blockchain and digital branding, established more than 20 strategic collaborations with industry experts from all around the world.

Our market outreach have made their presence in the international market such as United Kingdom, United States, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia and many more. We have also established some of the initial collaborations with some of the industry experts in the ASEAN countries.

As a pioneer in blockchain services provider in Malaysia, our corporate goal is to provide the most optimal services and solutions to meet the ever-changing requirements of our diversified clients’ expectations.

We strive to provide services of the highest quality to everyone and to enhance our Ledgit Smart Apps for every user to be able to prevent counterfeit products and to leave their legacies for generations to come, just as our slogan, “Rediscover The Origin and Leave Your Legacy.”



Merit Honors Degree Holder in B.A. (Hons) in Finance


Certified Blockchain Consultant by the Global Blockchain Research Institute of China, Certified Distinctive Member of Blockchain Council, Certified Crypto-Asset Consultant & Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP), Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE).


Equipped with more than 6 years of extensive background in the Finance, Blockchain, R&D, and Marketing Sector.


Provided more than 9 local & international companies with exceptional insights on blockchain & business application(Finance,Charity, Entertainment, Agriculture, Supply Chain, Education & Payments).


Handled over 7 Blockchain projects as application and strategy consultant.


Featured in more than 70 local, international and global News & Medias Platforms.


Appointed as Official Ambassador of an International Russian Decentralized Platform.


Founder and CEO of Ledgit Ventures and an exceptional leader in the industry.


Recognized as Young Entrepreneur Sponsors Award by University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

Recognized as Young Entrepreneur Sponsors Award by University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

Press Conference hosted by Ledgit and attended by more than 30 local and international medias.

Invited as Special Guest Speaker in Big Data Festival held in GuiZhou, China.

Special Sharing Guests on Blockchain Technology Application in Daily Lives in Hong Kong.

Business Radio Station Interview Session Live on Air.

Special Interview Session with Local News Channels.

Exchanging Ideas with Professionals from all around the world.

Featured in one of Russia’s decentralized platform and community, DEEX! Ledgit was appointed as the Main Ambassador in the China and Asia Market.

One of the biggest event Ledgit held which was “The Future of Blockchain Forum”, attended by several industry experts and more than 1250 people. This event was with the aim of educating the public on the benefits and possibilities of blockchain technology.

Invited as Special Guest sharing in the Blockchain Summit 2018.

A certificate of recognition and verification regarding the legitimacy of Ledgit in the blockchain industry

Featured success story in Blockchain Council as one of the distinctive members.

An extensive visit to Google to have discussion with Experts.

Awarded and recognized as Certified Blockchain Consultant from Global Blockchain Council of China.