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Ledgit is one of the leading Digital & Business Solutions Provider for Corporates, SMEs & businesses throughout Southeast Asia.

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We provide customers with the most effective and targeted solutions to solve business problems quickly.

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In the marketing industry, we have never worked so well with any other companies other than Ledgit. The team and skills and abilities to handle market requirements are top-notch.


Sharing resources with Ledgit has been a great decision for Ledgit has the team to align all resources and to provide to the right market.


In our line of healthy products/ supplements O2O, Ledgit offered a variety of digital solutions and strategies to bring us up to another level. Thanks to the team!


Flexibility, speed, delivery and precision; The Ledgit Team has it all, no doubt.


One of the main thing that makes a company successful is a powerful and flexible team, and Ledgit has a very strong team to build up all the values. Respect.

Blockchain Council

With great power, comes great responsibilities. Ledgit is equipped with a powerful team and delivers great responsibility always!

Meta Nebulas

Their ability to understand our problem, then go and efficiently solve it is impressive.

You Da

They’re able to suggest solutions and better alternatives as opposed to just agreeing to our every idea.